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No crying over lockdown… Spilt Milk release new single

A band of triplet brothers from Gateshead and their friend from Hexham are not letting the current lockdown get in the way of their ambition.

Their band “Spilt Milk” is set to release its second single ‘Moving Target’ on Friday 1st May. The 16 year olds are familiar faces on the local music scene. Brothers Isaac, Oscar and Theo started 3 years ago, busking on Newcastle’s Northumberland Street. They now regularly perform along with bassist Thomas at gigs and festivals around the North East.

The lockdown could have hampered the band, as they were due to perform a series of gigs during May to promote the single. They’ve turned the current situation into a positive though, performing twice a week on their Facebook page for fans online.

“The lockdown is a strange situation, as it is for many people, but we’re lucky being brothers, living in the same house and being in a band means we can carry on writing and performing together”, says Oscar Nolan the bands lead singer, “The Facebook Live performances are really helping to lift our spirits and give us a focus’‘. His brother Theo, who plays the drums, is enjoying the new experience, “Its been great to adapt what we do, playing to so many online from our living room and being able to see people’s live reaction in the comments section.”

The single will be available on all streaming services from Friday and the launch will be followed by a music video, which was filmed, prior to lockdown, in Chopwell Woods and the Gibside Estate.

You can watch the band on the their Facebook page on Wednesdays at 9pm and Sundays at 8pm

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/officialspiltmilkband/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/spiltmilk_band/

Website - https://www.spiltmilkband.com

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