• James Slater

New Podcast Spills The Tea

The newest podcast to join the FZN Radio family will be released on Monday 10th February and this one is all about tea! Or is it? The podcast is created and hosted by June Scott who wanted to explore how we can use a cup of tea as a mechanism to spark conversations. Using the tea as an excuse to sit down and talk. In an experiment with FZN, we decided we would invite people in for a cuppa and a chat, for just 15 minutes, and see where it takes us. The first few episodes were brilliant and covered such a broad range of topics, some very inspirational and some just over the top funny.

This isn't your normal podcast. We are releasing each bitesize, 15 minute episode, every weekday morning, for you to enjoy. Expect the unexpected. Some episodes will make you laugh, and some will make you think, some might make you cry and some may empower you to change.

So join us and 'Pull Up A Cuppa' for just 15 minutes on a weekday. It's going to be great!

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST NOW -> www.fznradio.com/pullupacuppa

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