Join a Society at NSU

Students are entertained by some weird and wonderful things. Fancy throwing yourself out of a plane? Watching all the Harry Potter films in one sitting in fancy dress? Or playing a few video games in the bar with your mates? We have more than 100 societies at NSU that you can Get Involved in, from Snow Sports to LGBT*, Maths to Radio (thats us) and everything in between, there really is something for everyone. And if you can’t see a society that suits you, you can set up your own. It’s as easy as that.

By Getting Involved with NSU Societies you’ll be able to make loads of new friends, go abroad, learn new skills or perhaps do things you’ve never done before, all while having the time of your life at Northumbria. It’s all about making memories after all. Why are you still sitting here thinking about it? Join a society now! Search below to find something you’re interested in. And if there’s nothing you’re interested in, find out how to Set Up a Society here.

See the full list of NSU Societies here!

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