• James Slater

Going Underground: Our first Studio Show since March

Today's the day! (Friday 9th October 2020). Today, we are going to present our first live show directly from the FZN Radio studios, which have been closed since March due to the Coronavirus.

The FZN Team has been working hard to ensure a robust risk assessment is in place, and there are various measures to keep our presenters safe, including face coverings, sanitiser and antibacterial wipes to clean down our equipment and high touchpoint areas.

Presenters will be either on their own or in groups of two for the time being, to allow for social distancing, and there will be plenty time for presenters to get in and out the studio, without crossing paths with other presenters.

'Going Underground' with Elsie Read and Tom Bain will be our first pilot show in the new environment. The show explores tracks from up and coming artists across the country, so if youre looking to discover new music, this is the show for you!

The show will take place at the earlier time of 5pm today (Friday), while we run on shorter opening hours. Make sure to give us a listen via our website, or the UniWaves App later today!

The UniWaves App is availale on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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