• James Slater

Coronavirus Schedule Update

During the lockdown a number of our shows have continued. I would like to thank Andy for Misplaced Youth, Patrick for KJ Mix and Steve for The Quarantine Request Show. These three shows have continued to run every week during the pandemic and I am very grateful for this.

Thankyou to June Scott who has kept Pull Up A Cuppa Podcast running during the pandemic and is still publishing content.

We also have Going Underground, a new podcast which is emerging during this challenging time.

Usualy, we would have a full schedule ready to go, but due to limited resources and no access to our original studio space, this is currently not possible. Please bear with us and keep checking our homepage for updates on our schedule and hopefully we can have more shows and presenters for you to enjoy in the very near future.

Stay safe.

James Slater Station Manager

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