It's that time of year once again. Every year FZN Radio, a part of Northumbria Students Union, hosts an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in March to elect a new committee who will look after the radio station and help it to grow in the year ahead. Even though Coronavirus has put a bit of a spanner in the works, i'm sure the 2021/22 committee will have great success in making FZN an epic radio station, after the pandemic.


Monday 15th February @ 09:00

Wednesday 24th February @ 12:00      

Wednesday 10th March @ 12:00

Monday 15th March @ 10:00

Friday 19th March @ 14:00

Friday 26th March @ 19:00

Announcement of Elections

Nominations Open

Nominations Close

Vote Opens

Vote Closes

AGM & Results Night


Station Manager - President - The station manager looks after the entire operation of the station. You will be responsible of all teams, making sure our recruitment levels are high and ensuring the station is accessible and known to all students.

Deputy Station Manager - Secretary - Your role is to assist the manager in their activities, as well as taking minutes in meetings, handling room bookings and you will usually do studio tours and meetings with new members.

Finance Officer - Treasurer - You look after the station finances. FZN Radio has a lot of bills to ensure it can keep operating, so its your job to make sure we have paid all our bills and we can apply for grants or raise money to fund new projects and radio trips or activities.

Music Officer - This role controls the sound of the station. You will look for the hottest new tracks and get them into the studio for the listeners to enjoy. You also program the auto DJ so you pick what music people here when a live DJ isn't on the air. It's a bit job but you get to hear some fresh new music before others.

Podcast Officer - Podcasts really took off during lockdown. You will learn how to use Anchor FM and Mixcloud, and help our members to create and advertise their own podcast, from recording to editing.

Technical Officer - A radio station requires a lot of gadgets and technology. Your job is to learn the system, keep it working and fix the bugs when it crashes. You will also train new members on the system when they join the society, so you can show them the cool tips and tricks.

Social Media Officer - You not only get the cool job of organising socials but you manage the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels of FZN Radio and you can help the station reach a wider audience.

Outreach Officer - Your job is to get everyone involved. Societies, sports teams, special guests, council, SABBs. We want everyone on air sharing their stories and its your job to get them involved in some way.


You must be a paid member of the society to run in the election - you can buy your membership online, but if you do not have a paid membership by the close of nominations, then you won't be able to nominate yourself for a role. You can buy your standard membership on the MyNSU page for £3.

You must be a Northumbria Student in 2021/22 - only students studying next year can take part in the AGM.

You can not be running for a Sabbatical Role in the elections alongside a FZN Radio role - you can only run for one role at a time, and this must only be in the FZN Radio elections or on council. You can not be a sabbatical officer and be on the FZN Radio committee.



More info will appear here when the nominations open on 24th February. Until then, if you would like to run for a role, consider a small writing a small paragraph about why you would be good in the role, as you can use this for your nomination. Make sure you have purchased a Standard FZN Radio Membership to make sure you are eligible to nominate yourself.

The returning officer for this FZN Radio election is James Slater. He will announce final results. If you have any questions, please email and we will answer your questions.